More Than Just Fun and Games

You can bet your bottom dollar that fun will be had and games will be played at summer camp, but many people don’t know that it is so much more than that. We take the five days we have with a camper seriously and spend months intentionally planning to make a week at camp as impactful as possible.

Our mission at Camp Michawana is to plant the Word of God into lives so that each camper will know Christ as their Savior and become unashamed in their faith, living purposely for the Lord.

We desire:

    1. To send each camper home to face life with a new or renewed commitment in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
    2. To send each camper home with the desire and ability to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
    3. To send each camper home with memories of a wholesome, meaningful, and joyful experience.
    4. That each camper will experience new knowledge, habits, and skills that will enhance their self-image.
    5. To send each camper home knowing that all human life is sacred because it is created in the image of God. The child will learn that people are to be valued as people created in the image of God.

With these goals and objectives in mind, we plan a week that can and will have a lasting impact on a kids’ life. Below is just a glimpse.

In one week at summer camp a kid can:

    • Learn a new skill: pick from a wide variety of skill hours like photography, various sports, drama, mechanics, fishing and more, and get hands on practice each day.
    • Learn to work as a team: through low initiative team building activities, creating team flags and chants, solving puzzles or encouraging others through the high ropes course, kids are coached in teamwork.
    • Take risks: in a safe environment kids can conquer their fear of heights, try something new, persevere in difficult challenges and get support through it all.
    • Develop relationships: possibly a new or renewed relationship with Jesus Christ, deepening of friendships, meeting new people, receiving mentorship from their counselor or staff member.
    • Learn how to study the Bible and memorize scripture: through songs, motions and acronyms, learning the Bible has never been easier. Kids will go home with tools like “SOAP” to guide them through daily Bible study and growth to deepen their understanding of what they learned in Bible hour, chapel times, cabin devotions and God and I time.
    • Get their wiggles out: whether its running, swimming, hiking, climbing, playing Gaga ball, tubing, slip’n’sliding, laughing, or playing, kids get plenty of fresh air and exercise.
    • Be a kid: without the pressures of the outside world, kids are free to try new things, eat snacks, stay up late, fail, laugh, get dirty, get sticky eating s’mores around the campfire and experience God’s creation. It doesn’t matter where they live, who they live with, how much money they have or what they’re good at, at camp, they get to be a kid!

God has given us a big mission to care for kids one week at a time and we are committed to following Him and doing our best to make camp a safe, fun and loving place for each camper. We hope to see you this summer.

Happy Camping,

The Camp Michawana Staff

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To plant the Word of God into lives so that each camper will know Christ as their Savior and become unashamed in their faith, living purposefully for the Lord.


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