Rice and Beans for a Cause: Michawana Campers Make a Difference!


At Michawana Camp, putting faith into action is a key part of our summer experience. This year, we’ve taken our commitment to service and generosity a step further with a meaningful initiative that not only involves our campers but reaches across the globe to touch lives in the Philippines.

A Simple Meal with Powerful Impact:

During a special day at camp, 110 campers, staff, and volunteers chose to participate in a significant act of solidarity and sacrifice—they gave up their usual full lunch to eat only rice and beans. This simple act wasn’t just about experiencing a small aspect of global dietary habits, but about making a real difference. The money saved from this modest meal was used to provide two meals for campers at Activate Youth Camp in the Philippines for every participant at Michawana Camp.

Why Rice and Beans?

Rice and beans are staple foods in many parts of the world due to their nutritional value and affordability. By choosing this meal, our campers got a tangible sense of connection to peers far away, many of whom regularly subsist on such simple fare. This initiative served as an eye-opener for many of our young participants, highlighting both global disparities and the impact of thoughtful, collective actions.

Partnership Across the Seas:

Our efforts this summer are in partnership with Activate Youth Camp in the Philippines, where former Michawana staffers—now missionaries—@joci.beth (known from their projects “Running Song” and “Prom Queen”) are currently serving. This collaboration underlines our mission of extending community support beyond local boundaries and fostering a global perspective among our campers.

Educational and Spiritual Growth:

This initiative is more than just a fundraising effort; it’s a profound educational tool. It teaches our campers about sacrifice, empathy, and the Christian duty of helping others. By partaking in the rice and beans meal, they’ve not only contributed financially but also grown spiritually and emotionally, understanding what it truly means to give from the heart.


At Michawana Camp, summer isn’t just a time for fun—it’s a season of growth, reflection, and impactful action. Through our partnership with Activate Youth Camp and the rice and beans initiative, we hope to instill lifelong values of generosity and global awareness in our campers. Together, we’re proving that action is indeed the proof of life, one meal and one camper at a time.

We love summer camp and the endless opportunities it provides to make a difference both locally and globally!

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