Thrive Weekend: Nurturing Faith, Service, and Fellowship for Teens at Michawana

In a world brimming with distractions, nurturing one’s faith can be a rewarding yet challenging journey. At Michawana Camp, we’re excited to introduce the Thrive Weekend on September 1 – 2 – a beacon of spiritual growth, service, and camaraderie for teens aged 14-17. Discover how this unique Teen Service Discipleship Weekend is designed to help your faith thrive, while building cherished memories and lifelong connections.

Thrive weekend at Camp Michawana

Fueling Faith, Fostering Fellowship: The Thrive Weekend is more than just a regular event – it’s an opportunity for teens to encounter God’s presence, serve the community, and forge meaningful connections. Designed as mini-sessions, the Thrive Weekends are meticulously crafted to align with busy schedules while ensuring that faith remains a top priority. With limited space, securing your spot is a testament to your commitment to growing your faith and building lasting relationships.

What to Expect: The Thrive Weekends pack a punch of service and spiritual enrichment. Teens, aged 14-17, along with our dedicated camp staff, come together to serve and grow. The act of service takes form in humble yet transformative tasks like doing dishes and participating in programming, while the growth journey includes invaluable counselor interactions, enriching Bible study sessions, and quality time spent fostering Christian connections.

Service with a Heart: At Michawana Camp, service isn’t just a task – it’s an expression of faith. Through activities like doing dishes and helping with programming, teens discover the joy of giving back to the community and experiencing the love of Christ through selfless acts. This hands-on approach to service creates a powerful platform for teens to witness faith in action and understand the profound impact of service on their spiritual journey.

Growing Together in Faith: Thrive Weekend is not just about service; it’s about nurturing your faith in the company of like-minded peers and caring camp staff. Quality time with counselors means personalized guidance, fostering a safe space for teens to ask questions, seek spiritual insights, and find solace in their faith journey. Bible study sessions delve into profound truths, allowing teens to explore their beliefs and deepen their understanding of God’s Word.

An Oasis of Camaraderie: In a world that sometimes feels isolating, Thrive Weekend creates an oasis of camaraderie for teens seeking to connect with others who share their faith. This weekend offers the chance to forge friendships that go beyond the surface, to bond over shared experiences, and to find encouragement in each other’s spiritual journey. The connections made during Thrive Weekend can become pillars of support in the years to come.

: How to Secure Your Spot: Registering for Thrive Weekend is simple. Just click HERE or on the ‘Register Now’ button at the top of the page on our website. Choose your preferred Thrive Weekend, and if accepted, we’ll provide you with all the details you need for this transformative experience. Space is limited, so don’t miss out on this chance to embark on a weekend of growth, service, and Christian fellowship.

Parents, Here’s Why Thrive Weekend Matters: For parents, the Thrive Weekend offers a unique opportunity for your teen to experience spiritual growth in a supportive environment. It’s a chance for them to deepen their faith, build character through service, and connect with peers who share their values. Thrive Weekend equips teens with essential life skills, fosters a heart of service, and nurtures their relationship with God.

The Thrive Weekend on September 1 – 2 is a call to teens seeking spiritual growth, service, and lasting connections. Through a blend of service projects, Bible study sessions, and genuine fellowship, this Teen Service Discipleship Weekend at Michawana Camp offers an enriching experience that will resonate in the hearts of participants for years to come. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this transformative journey – secure your spot and watch your faith thrive!

Soooo…. Discover Thrive Weekend at Michawana: Nurturing Faith and Fellowship for Teens Join us on September 1 – 2 for the transformative Thrive Weekend at Michawana Camp! Designed for teens aged 14-17, this weekend blends service, spiritual growth, and Christian connections. Register now to secure your spot for a weekend that will empower your teen’s faith journey and create cherished memories. Click the ‘Register Now’ button at and set your teen on a path to thriving faith!

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